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COMMUTRIX ® is a comprehensive marketing and digital commerce solutions provider for brands and retailers. We help clients deliver unified customer experience through our compelling solutions in an omnichannel approach. With integrated marketing at our core, specialization across multiple retail segments:
Consumer electronics & appliances
Media products
Apparel & footwear
Housewares & home furnishings
Toys & games
DIY & home improvement
Personal accessories & eyewear
Beauty & personal care

Asia Coding Centre
Asia Coding Centre (ACC) is an established Malaysian IT consulting and services provider company. We inspire businesses by offering choices and unprecedented flexibility. Our solutions free our customers from focusing on technology to focusing on what they do - their core, revenue-generating activities. ACC is also an experienced provider of Ofbiz ERP and Ecommerce platform solution.

Asia Leap
Asia Leap helps you and your organization successfully drive strategic business and people priorities by providing the relevant people at the right time to you in Asia.

Since 2001 we have concentrated on designing, implementing and supporting enterprise level order management software for small to medium sized merchants, springboarding many into the Internet Retailer top 1000. Today some 2,500 online retailers processing over $2 Billion in annual customer orders rely on Stone Edge to streamline their operations, improve their productivity and enhance their customer service levels.

WowWow Media
WowWow Media was formed in 2009 and is today the authorised distributor, within ASEAN region, for Mobile Push Learning (MPL) through its collaboration with Origami-Frontiers (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.   ​WowWow Media specialises in providing a one-stop solution and services to its customers.

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