Venturing towards Autonomous Enterprise

Digital Transformation

Autonomous Enterprise


1)Organization design for AI adoption

2)Methodology for digital transformation with AI

3)AI technology solutions and tools

4)Risk management and tools for AI deployment

Business Advisory Services


1)AI Transformation Strategy
2) Sales Strategy Transformation
3)Process Design and Automation

We Fusionovate in these 3 key areas:


- Strategy

- Markets

- Technology

And we uniquely offer the following:


- Investments

- Cross Border

Fusionovation Methodology and Services

3 Types of Services


We offer the following Capital-related strategy  and financial advisory services:


1. Fund Raising for Start-ups
2. Merger & Acquisition
3. IPO at Shanghai STAR Market
4. SPAC in US
5. SPAC in Singapore
Capital Acceleration
Digital Transformation