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Sharing How to Achieve Performance from Learning by Dr. James Ong

2015 November 18. Dr. James Ong shared his life time experience with students of Nanjing Audit University on "How to Achieve Performance from Learning". He shared the perspective that during the learning process, direction and methodologies are critical. He demonstrated with pro-active participation from the student audience with active interactions and Q&A. The session was very engaging with a dynamic atmosphere. His talk was very insightful for us and helped us to understand that whatever one aims to do well in anything, one should think through what are the outcome we want and how to ensure whatever one learns, they are put into good use and that learning are not for learning sake only.

(Professor Zheng Introducing Dr. James Ong to the Audience)

Artificial Intelligence Explained

For the last 10 years, mobile internet Just like Mobile has a disruptive impact on the market in the last decade, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is next.

2017 April 19, at the invitation of Malaysian Chamber of Commerce, Dr. James Ong was invited as special speaker to share at the luchean. Dr. James Ong shared his perspective on what is AI, the trend on how it will transform different industries and as a business, what you can do to get ready for it.

(Dr. James Ong sharing his view on Artificial Intelligence with the audience)


Huisan Science and Technology Association "Science and Technology Professional" Forum

2017 May 30 is China's National Day for Science and Technology Professionals. The goal is to encourage that science and technology professionals should remember their mission and contribute to the properity of the nation. It is thus vital to advance the technology vision of the government, enhance collaboration and communication between science and technology professionals and reinforce the development of talents in the science and technology arena. It is also an opportunity to cater the needs and welfare of the science and technology professionals with the due respect and respect how knowledge and talents play a critical role in cultivating the right atmosphere in the society. Thus, China Science and Technology Association has organized this series of forums and events on May 25 to celebrate this important occasion.

Organizer: Huisan Science and Technology Association
Sponsor: Wuxi Henshen Science and Technology Park
Date: 2017 May 25 Afternoon
Venue: Wuxi Henshen Science and Technology Park Incubation Center Conference Room 3F

(Invited Guest Speaker Dr. James Ong sharing "The Coming Era of Artificial Intelligence")



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